Our Story

Who we are.

Who We Are:
We are so glad that you're here! Take some time to look around and discover more about who we are and what we're about here at First Baptist. We pray that our church will be a place where you can experience the love of God.
Maybe you are returning to church or coming to church for the very first time. Or, maybe you're an active church member who just moved to town and needs to find a new church home. Whatever your story may be, you probably have a lot of questions before you visit First Baptist Church. First Baptist Church’s calling is to the town of Shelby and the surrounding rural community. We believe Jesus Christ is the only answer to life’s pressures, questions, and difficulties. Only through a relationship with Him can we find true life and hope.
We are looking forward to you visiting with us at First Baptist soon! First Baptist Church has been ministering to families in Shelby and the surrounding area since 1954. Today we aim to preach God's word in the town of Shelby and the surrounding rural community.

What is your Sunday schedule?
Our Worship Service is at 11:00 am
Our Sunday Schools meet at 9:45 am
Is there anything for my children?
Of course! We have options for all the kiddos, from newborns through high school seniors. To know more, check out the appropriate page for your kids:
Preschool - Birth through Kindergarten
Children - 1st - 5th grade
Students - 6th - 12th grade

What do I wear?
We don't have a dress code. On a Sunday morning, you'll see some people dressed casually while others will be wearing suits. So whatever you are comfortable in is great with us.

Where are you located?
We are just two blocks west of Oilfield Avenue at 751 Marias Avenue. Visit our directions page to see a map and get detailed driving directions.

At First Baptist, we want you to feel at home. You'll be surrounded by a caring, loving family of friends who will help you and your family grow; sharing in the good times and helping you shoulder the tough times. Whether you are a large family or a family of one, we invite you to see what our family at First Baptist is all about.

Where we are going...

Proverbs 29:18 KJV- Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
These goals directly relate to our mission, vision, ministry plan, and core values of FBC Shelby. These goals are strategic to be met within 5 years.
and move our congregation of Christ followers toward community, spiritual maturity, and participation within the life of the church.
i. CONNECT (Fellowship & Leadership)
ii. GROW (Classes & Training)
iii. REACH (Reaching Out)
iv. SERVE (Using Our Gifts to Serve)

Our Plan
1. CONNECT (Fellowship & Leadership)

• Develop a leadership development program that gives a clear leadership path to becoming a leader at FBC Shelby.

• Develop Deacons and Yokefellows to take on leadership roles in the church and to maintain those roles as long as they are biblically qualified.

• Develop and train children, youth leaders, and workers to provide effective and relevant ministry to young families.

• Develop and train a “First Impressions” ministry that consists of greeters, ushers, and a next-steps team.

• Develop a strong follow-up program for guests and visitors of FBC Shelby.

• Develop a top-quality website (www.fbcshelbymt.com) that effectively communicates who we are as a church and helps the unchurched and believers alike to connect to the life of the church.

• Develop and provide effective communication to the congregation that will help promote community and involvement.

Provide excellent care and stewardship to our current facilities and seek ways to provide new facilities to accommodate community development in our church family.

2. GROW (Classes & Training)

Develop and train a worship ministry that leads the congregation in authentic worship with an increased focus on response time/altar and a call to ministry and preaching the Word.

Development of GROW Groups “Classes & Training” that will provide:
a. Leadership Classes:
i. Membership
ii. Spiritual Foundations
iii. Spiritual Gifts Class
iv. Small Group Leadership
v. Relational Evangelism
vi. Deacon/Yokefellow Training

b. Biblical & Practical Classes
i. Bible classes
ii. Men’s classes
iii. Women’s classes
iv. Leadership classes
v. Parenting
vi. Married

• Lead the congregation in prayer by:
i. Corporate prayer and fasting times
ii. Focused prayer times during worship services
iii. Prayer focus in ALL small groups (ministries of the church).
iv. Lead and encourage accountability in personal prayer times.

Lead the congregation in Bible reading by:
i. Having open Bibles and good note-taking during services and classes.
ii. Lead and encourage focused Bible reading and personal devotional times.

c. Build Participation
Encourage those who are regular attendees to become active “members” within the body of FBC Shelby.

To see full participation within the membership of FBC Shelby using their passions and spiritual gifts.

To see full participation within the membership of FBC Shelby, giving faithfully in the full tithe (10% of income).

• To see full participation within the body of FBC Shelby (members and regular attendees) in the giving of special offerings such as:
i. Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
ii. Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
iii. Reach Montana Missions Offering
iv. Special Offerings as they arise.

3. REACH(Reaching Out)
God wants us as a church to invest a balanced percentage of our lives, knowledge, and resources with those in our region, nation, and world.
Our Plan
• Lead the church in generous giving to foreign missions that will go to support missionaries and missions projects.

Strategically positioning our church financially to where we can give a tithe of tithe to missions.

Leading the church in an annual mission emphasis that culminates with faith commitments to missions that goes on top of the tithe.

Lead the church in mission trips (home & foreign), focusing on a few mission projects within the next five years.

• Increased emphasis on relational evangelism training for everyone.
i.  Increased emphasis on preaching/teaching on relational evangelism.
ii. Relational evangelism courses.
iii. Testimonies of relational successes.

4. SERVE (Using Our Gifts to Serve)
We believe that God wants us to reach out to an ever-increasing percentage of the unchurched of the Shelby area with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.
Our Plan

• An intentional and expressed focus on biblical preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

• All-church outreaches annually focusing on serving the Shelby area (i.e., Easter, Father’s day, Mother’s day, summer programs, VBS, Trunk or Treat, Thanksgiving, Christmas, invite campaigns, benevolence, getting involved in the community, etc.…)

• A fully embraced commitment to building relationships with unchurched people outside the church and within the church.

-Increased consistency in Worship, Sunday School, and other ministries of First Baptist Shelby.

-Greater relational connection to the church through attendance and actively engaging as church members.

-Discovering and utilizing spiritual gifts through ministry involvement.

-Active participation in the ministries of our church.

-Purposeful commitment to seeking ways to serve in and through the church by stepping into an existing ministry or creating new ones as the need becomes evident.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather for Sunday School at 9:45 am and Worship at 11 am.